Become a Member of Indiana Wildlife Artists


IWA membership is open to all individuals witin the United States who have a strong interest in nature and exhibit this interest through their artwork. Go to the Membership page for more information.

Who Can?


ARTIST: Practicing wildlife artists whose quality of artwork is recognized by the IWA Screening Committee.



ASSOCIATE: Individuals (often spouses of members) who wish to encourage appreciation and understanding of wildlife and aid in promoting wildlife art. No art screening required.



WILDLIFE ADVOCATE: A contributing individual, family or entity who for a minimum of $100 supports the organization enabling IWA to meet it's Mission Statement

Why should I?


  •     To become part of an active community interested in the same things in which you are interested
  •     To join in group activities such as photo shoots, special events, and community activities promoting art and wildlife
  •     To take part in workshops and other learning experiences
  •     To find out what others are doing through the newsletters and website
  •     To get your website linked on the IWA website
  •     To get your artwork shown in the Indiana Wildlife Artists Annual Exhibit


How can I?


    Download and fill out the Application (You can right click on the PDF form and "save as..." onto your own computer)


    1. If you need to download the free Adobe ® Acrobat Reader, click on the link below.


   2. Write a brief statement about yourself - or attach your resume

    3. Choose three samples of your artwork that best portrays your work.

     4. Submit the entire package by mail to the address on the form.

Do not send money at the time of application. A statement will be sent to you after the screening process is complete.


Indiana Wildlife Artists

Instructions for the Annual Exhibit




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