The 33rd Annual

Indiana Wildlife Artists Exhibit

Category 1. PAINTING:

Oil; alkyd; acrylic; transparent or opaque watercolor or any liquid media

1st Place

Anna Roberts












Loggerhead Turtle


2nd Place

Jeff Klinefelter












 “Small Island”



3rd Place

Monty Jones














“The Pumpkin Seed”

Pumpkinseed Sunfish


Honorable Mention

Robert Meyers













 “Glades Perch”

Tri-Colored Heron


Honorable Mention

Jean Smith













"The Lion"

Male Lion


Category 2. DRAWING:

Pastel; charcoal; graphite; colored pencil; scratch board; ink

1st Place

Martha Wagoner












“Keeping a Watchful Eye”



2nd Place

Carol Hemdal















3rd Place

Bev Garner













Short-eared Owl


Honorable Mention

Roseanne Crowell















"American Kestrel"


Category 3. PHOTOGRAPHY:

Film or digital photographs with or without standard enhancements;

Film or digital photographs altered by computer software (Manipulated Photography)

1st Place

Shari Jardina














"Double Trouble"


2nd Place

Jennifer Smith













"Let's Dance"


3rd Place

Shari Jardina













"Sitting Pretty"


Honorable Mention

Diana Hunter














"My Burrow"


Honorable Mention

Bob Marlin














"Moving On"



 Carving and Sculptures created from any durable material

1st Place

Linda Spencer
















"Freedom's Wings"


Honorable Mention

Allen Salhoff
















"Saw-whet Owl"


Category 5. MIXED MEDIA and OTHER:

Any combination of media or artwork not covered in categories 1 through 4,

plus digital media other than specified by Category 3.

1st Place

Deb Anderson
















"Song Birds"


2nd Place

Monty Jones


















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